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Finger in girls ass. Guys, I'm about to dive into some pretty deep sex talk no pun intendedso prepare yo'selves.

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I'm talking about the unwarranted, unquestionably odd in my opinion, anyway anal foreplay:

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Just as some women require intense, focused stimulation in order to get off, some guys gotta jackhammer to get off.

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Instead, let me just say this:

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I told my boyfriend that he could do it once and then I would decide whether to let it continue.

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Aug 20, 12 AM.

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It needs to be discussed so one can be prepared, properly.

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Aug 20, 12 AM.

While we know some dudes just love anal fingering if you want to know how to massage a guy's prostate really well, here's our handy guidewhat about women?

Stimulating a woman's clitoris, for example, is one tried-and-true way to make any woman climax.