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Heartbeat during orgasm.

Heartbeat during orgasm. The whole world is obsessed with what constitutes a good sexual performance - and now technology might just have provided the answer.

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We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services.

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Hang on, I'll just check the chart to make sure Image:

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The chart starts with the moment a condom goes on, before journeying through the peak of pleasure, the "aftershock", her partner's special moment and then the post-coital "breather".

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In other words, you get a minimum of cardiovascular exercise from sex.

Until recently, human biology has provided unintentional and perhaps unwanted protection for men with heart disease.

Men have even died during sex, but it is rare.

Higher levels of oxytocin is associated with the urge to bond and with the feeling of generosity.

One website claimed that having sex three times a week is like having run 48m a week.

Hence, you should not be surprised as to why your partner falls asleep so easily after sex.