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Nude jain in kof. The fourth is lack of earnestness or envy of another host.

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Whether injury is then caused to other living beings or not, it is immaterial.

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We are mature enough to understand the meaning of life, its pleasures and pains.

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He lives under the fear of death.

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Though the soul is one with the body in the embodied state, it is different from the body because of its distinctive characteristics.

In other words, the digvrata places a layman on an equality with an ascetic in respect of the regions of space lying beyond the boundaries determined by him for his physical and mental activity.

A place with evil repute or unholy associations is also to be avoided.

The reason why truth with a tendency to cause affliction, is to be avoided needs no explanation.

It can be shown with respect to every worldly object that it cannot be happiness itself.

Rid of ignorance and established firmly in right faith, he experiences ineffable tranquility and equanimity.

There may be a longer or a shorter interval between the attainment of these two stages.

He cannot be said to be rich in cows in the absence of milk and ghee, even if he has several cows.

His pious figure, turned golden by the fire of austerities tapas and rid of all encumbrances, external and internal, personifies and propagates the teachings of Lord Jina.