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Star fire bare feet.

Star fire bare feet. Starfire was silent for a moment as she decided whether or not to let Robin know this little secret about her.

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Slowly, gently, the teen shook Starfire's shoulder, saying "Star?

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All Robin could do was smile.

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This was all she needed to tell him yes.

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Cartoons Teen Titans.

Robin slowly picked himself up off of her body, and repositioned himself on the couch.

Carefully, he straddled girl's waist, and firmly grasped her wrists with his left hand — not as if he really had to strength to hold her down if she wanted back up.

The young girl looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

When Robin and Starfire are left alone in titan Tower, Robin decides to ask the young princess one little question - one that leads to a memorable day for both of them

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Season 3, Episode

Robin looked over at her, his eyebrow raised again.